Planning advocacy is an important mission of PlanningSoc. The Society seeks to advocate planning in a variety of ways: sponsorship of academic and informational events, cooperation with other university societies, partaking in campus initiatives, and involvement in public planning processes.

Advocacy Projects

PlanningSoc started off the year by joining EnviroSoc and other concerned students on the Green Campus Initiative (sponsored by An Taisce Green Schools). The initiative seeks to establish environmental sustainability at UCC throughout all layers of the student body and administration. It uses a seven-step approach to maintaining communication, implementation, and formulation of current and future plans of the initiative. The initiative has been in the works for two years now and has nearly reached completion and approval from An Taisce. However, since the programme is constantly evolving, PlanningSoc has opted to join the Green Campus Committee for the foreseeable future. PlanningSoc hopes to play an important role in implementation, consultation, and reformulation of future iterations of the initiative. Finally, it is worth noting that the initiative works through the Buildings and Estates Office of UCC.

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