David Counsell Book Launch

David Counsell book launch: “The New Spatial Planning: Territorial management with soft spaces and fuzzy boundaries”.

The lecture coincides with the publication of a new book of the same title (Routledge, 2010) by Graham Haughton, Phil Allmendinger, David Counsell and Geoff Vigar. The book includes original research on a number of case studies into spatial planning, regeneration and territorial politics from different parts of Ireland (north and south) and Britain.

One chapter looks in particular at the story of sub-regional planning in the Cork area in particular at the experience of CASP (Cork Area Strategic Plan 2001-2020) and its predecessors LUTS I and II. It should be of interest to people engaged in regional, urban and sub-regional planning, geography, public policy, economic development, regional studies, governance, social science, land use planning, sustainable development and other related subject areas.

David Counsell, a chartered town planner and researcher in spatial planning, sustainable development and environmental planning has held a wide variety of planning practice and research positions throughout his career – the latest as lecturer at Ireland’s newest planning school: the UCC Programme in Planning and Sustainable Development.

When: 10 February 2010 @ 5pm

Venue: UCC Brookfield G01 Lecture Hall

Cost: Free


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